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Americans are bent on engaging in magical thinking instead if facung unpleasant facts.  We can no longer afford it.  The latest laugher is Boehner's opposition to the Obama's extension of ...  [read more]
The excruciating struggle to pass health care legislation has Republicans licking their lips.  They'd manuveured the Democrats into a no-win situation - failure to pass the controversial legislation would ...  [read more]
Ahhh, those exhilerating, exuberant days of the cold war - those days when we were MAD.  Remember MAD - Mutual Assured Distruction?  The theory was very simple.  If each side (the USA ...  [read more]
A debilitating polarity grips American politics.  This is not merely the bitter paritsanism that dominates Washington D.C., the media, and the US hinterland.  Rather, it's a polarity of ideas - a ...  [read more]
Yesterday (Dec. 6), a remarkable thing happened in Bolivia; Evo Morales won a second term as president!  Barak Obama shapes his presidency on the study of ...  [read more]
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Many Americans take pride in "American Exceptionalism," the idea that their country is unique and in some way special.  In many respects, this notion is true; the United States doesn't ...  [read more]
We are obsessed the "market."  Market indicators, the Dow, the S & P 500, and NASDAX (and in this international era, the Hang Seng, Nikkei, DAX, and FTSE), ...  [read more]
Why is it that senators and representatives vote on legislation when they have a conflict of interest?  It is not an alien concept - Judges recuse themselves from cases when conflicted - lawyers don't ...  [read more]
  Whether we like it or not, everyone who has health insurance has one of Sarah Palin's "death panels".  Insurance companies have many ways of rationing services - they have drug formularies ...  [read more]
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